Student Advising Services Program

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A Holistic Approach to Education

The purpose of the Student Advising Services Program (SASP) is to ensure that we remain attentive to our students’ educational and other personal needs. We provide resources that support our students in maintaining satisfactory progress, achieving successful educational outcomes, making informed decisions concerning their short/long-term goals, and finding information regarding community outreach services that may be beneficial to their personal needs.

Services Provided (The following is a list of services provided by SASP):

  • Academic Advising
  • Attendance Progress
  • Testing and Tutoring Services
  • Life Skills
  • Housing (Food Banks, Shelter, Child Care, Transportation, GED Programs)

Contacting a member of the Student Advising Services Program:

Any staff or faculty member can assist the student with providing information regarding the above services. Many campuses have designated staff (for example, the Campus Director, Associate Dean of Education, or Student Advisor), who are easily accessible and available for your needs.

You may contact these individuals either by:

  • Setting an appointment to meet with them, either personally or via their .edu email address
  • Coming before or after school or during break time


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